"I would highly recommend Beth to anyone losing their way for whatever reason. She is inspiring and knows how to help and guide a lost soul in a soothing and kind way. She is a true light in my darkness." ~Andrea

The Sacred Sanctuary Membership

It is an honour and a privilege to bring to you 'The Sacred Sanctuary', my beautiful, online membership. This has been a long time in creation and I have poured my heart and soul into it, wanting it to be perfect.

This membership is a powerful combination of working with Lunar, the Goddess Moon herself, and all of her empowering characteristics that she brings to us. Every month you will discover the energies of the Zodiac we are in and what we will be working with.


Every month inside you will receive:


A video of me introducing you to the month, along with a simple card reading.

In-depth workbooks for the Dark Moon, New Moon, and Full Moon, guiding you on the energies of the signs of the Zodiac we are working with during the month and how to work with them, helping you to set your intentions at the time of the New Moon or release what no longer serves you at the time of the Dark Moon and the Full Moon.

Some months you will receive bonus extras.


There is also a library of guided meditations which will be added to every month and a community space for you to meet other members in a safe container, where you can share your thoughts and experiences, ask questions, and celebrate your successes and achievements.

Example sheets from the workbooks

The Sacred Sanctuary
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