"I would highly recommend Beth to anyone losing their way for whatever reason. She is inspiring and knows how to help and guide a lost soul in a soothing and kind way. She is a true light in my darkness." ~Andrea

Soulful Sanctuary

Your route to Serenity and Balance

Programme begins 7pm, Thursday 6 June online for 8 weeks

Life is too short to feel depressed, burnt out, generally lost, or lacking in sacred self-care. It's time to make yourself a priority!

Does this image resonate with how you are feeling at the moment? If it does, don't worry. I have been where you are now and I promise, there is a light at the end of what might feel like a very dark tunnel.

I have experienced two significant breakdowns, felt burnt out, lost and was definitely not living my true, soul led life. I knew deep down things had to change, I had to change. If some of this resonates with how you are feeling then maybe I can help you.

Life doesn't haven't to feel this way, it is way too short and too precious. It is time for you to begin your healing journey and in the process, discover a beautiful spiritual path and your true soul's calling, ensuring that your sacred self-care is a priority.

What the programme looks like

This beautiful 8 week programme has been designed for women who are maybe feeling exhausted, depressed, burnt out, lost, or just aren't taking the time they need to prioritise their own sacred self-care.

Working with the cycle of the moon, you will release what no longer serves you, and start focusing on the things that you desire more of in your life. You will begin to create a meaningful practice of sacred self-care, bringing a sense of serenity and balance back into your life.

Every week you will be held in a safe and sacred circle with up to 3 other women and myself where you will be encouraged to share, be heard and witnessed without fear of being judged.

You will receive support and encouragement both inside and outside the circle as you continue to release all that no longer serves you, and begin the powerful healing process that will lead you to truly be able to step into your power.

Week 1 - Dark Moon/New Moon: Introductions and Opening

Ceremony. Set intentions for the 8 weeks and the New Moon

Week 2 - Waxing Phase: Looking at the intentions set at the New Moon, progress made, taking inspired action. What help and support is required? Where are the trigger points for feelings of exhaustion, isolation, and overwhelm?

Week 3 - Full Moon: What do you want to release at this Full Moon? Release ceremony. What limiting beliefs are holding you back? How can we change the narrative?

Week 4 - Waning Phase: Check in following release last week. Time to start developing a practice of sacred self-care. What does sacred selfcare mean to you?

Week 5 - Dark Moon/New Moon: Releasing unhealthy habits and practices that aren’t serving or nourishing you. Setting your intentions for the New Moon. Keeping up with your sacred self-care

Week 6 - Waxing Phase: Taking inspired action. Where are you with your intentions? Keeping up with your sacred self-care.

Week 7 - Full Moon: Releasing to the Full Moon Ceremony.

Discovering Authenticity and Purpose. What do you need to release to be true to you? To live your true life? Keeping up with your sacred self-care

Week 8 - Waning Phase: Maintaining your sacred self-care. Have you discovered your soul’s purpose? Are you living more in alignment? What happens next?

There will be a maximum of 4 of you in the group to keep the programme intimate and your experience really special.

The circles will be held every week starting at 7pm and will last for between an hour and an hour and a half. In between the circles, you will have your own Facebook messenger group set up so that you can talk to each other and me to keep supporting each other and asking questions. You will also be paired up as accountability buddies to offer each other support and accountability inbetween the circles.

All the sessions will be recorded and held in a library on google drive so that you can access them in case you were unable to attend the actual session or if you feel you would like to rewatch them again. There will also be small workbooks to help reinforce what you learn and record your progress.


Your investment in this programme is £600. This can be paid in one lump sum or in instalments to suit your budget. As a bonus gift from me you will receive 6 months membership of my Sacred Sanctuary. This will be helpful as you will be using this as part of the Soulful Sanctuary.

If you are interested in joining this beautiful programme then please complete the form below or contact me on beth@bethhelbrow.com, 07544 269456 or via my Facebook page