"I would highly recommend Beth to anyone losing their way for whatever reason. She is inspiring and knows how to help and guide a lost soul in a soothing and kind way. She is a true light in my darkness." ~Andrea

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Soul Healing Coaching



Take a look at my offering below and if it resonates with you then get in touch to schedule a complimentary discovery call so we can get to know one another and ensure we’re a fit.


In our discovery call, we’ll talk about your goals and how I can help you achieve them. If at this point you would like to work with me, we can talk about your investment.


We’ll take a deep dive into where you are now, where you want to be and we will set targets and goals for you, to get you underway on your transformational and healing journey.

It is such an honour and a privilege, as a Sister of the Stars, to bring to you, my sacred offerings of Goddess Astrology.


I have been studying with the beautiful Maria Jones, Priestess of the Stars and Creatrix of the Stella Mystery School, through which the Silver Spiral was created and is delivered via the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury.


The Astrological birth chart is your sacred blueprint that maps out your soul’s journey in this lifetime and past lifetimes. It is the most beautiful and powerful intricate tapestry, that has been woven uniquely just for you, illustrating your strengths, your gifts, and your challenges.

When I began my Silver Spiral journey, I had no idea just how powerful, transformational and healing it was going to be. It has helped me to understand myself in ways that I never dreamt possible. It has uncovered a number of my blocks that I have been able to release, and I have now been able to step up into my power, claim my sovereignty and walk my true

I am now ready to bring my sacred learnings and offerings to you, to help you begin to understand yourself on a much deeper level, uncovering your blocks and challenges.


We will delve deep into your birth chart, focusing initially on your Sun, Moon and Chiron placements and then we will move into Saturn and your South and North Nodes. Depending on how your sessions progress, we can also explore some of your other placements too.

It is amazing how things can begin to slot into place when you start the journey of self-discovery, establishing who you are meant to be, and what you want to be doing.

I will hold you in a safe and sacred space throughout your sessions, allowing you to express yoursef in an authentic way, knowing you are being listened to, held, and witnessed. I will help you face your challenges, work with them and overcome them.


There are no quick fixes here. I will also hold you accountable, helping you to stay motivated, navigate and overcome potential blocks and self-sabotage to keep you focused and on track until you reach that point where what we have been working on becomes the new habit and a natural way of being.

We will work by the moon, calling in her healing energies, helping with releasing and setting intentions. This coaching is not just a form of empowerment, it is also a form of sacred self-care. You are choosing to make a stand, leaving what no longer serves you behind and taking that leap of faith that you are ready to step on a new path.


Your initial investment to work with me for a 6 week block is £600. This will secure you 6 hours of 1:1 coaching where I will hold a safe space for you, guide you, challenge you and help you to establish what it is that you want and then work towards your goals. At the end of those 6 weeks we can review where you are and what your next steps will be. A payment plan is available. In between your sessions you will have unlimited access to me via messenger or whatsapp, 'within reason'.

After the 6 weeks we can review your progress, see how you are feeling and decide whether you would benefit from more sessions or if you feel you have gained enough tools to keep going on your own.

You will never be left to feel abandoned and even if you decide that you have the tools and then a bit later on want to come back for 'a top up' you will always be welcome.

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Soul Healing Coaching
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